A 'must read'

Michael Bergmann - Director Maritime Industry - Affairs and Services at Jeppesen

"If anyone wants to understand 'Electronic Charts' in the maritime environment this book is a 'must read'. Not only does it touch all major aspects, it is also easy to read. Most importantly it also highlights the limitations and addresses key aspects, like need for update. Within my team it is mandated to read and it should be in reach for anyone dealing with maritime electronic charts. "

Heart of ECDIS

Dr Wyn Williams - Hydrographic Office, UK

"This book is a unique commentary which gets to the heart of ECDIS, providing invaluable insight and practical answers. It has been praised by experts in the field as an excellent source of information and a comprehensive and knowledgeable overview, long overdue, and essential reading."

Highly recommended

Capt Joe Collins, FRIN, MNI - Head of Navigation Safety Brach; UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency

"This book and the accompanying demonstration software is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in shipboard navigation. I would commend the combined book and software package to any ship operators who are contemplating the future use of electronic charts aboard their vessels, as all the issues form system hardware and software, chart data types and structures, training requirements, safety, legal and economic considerations are fully covered."

Provides Insight

Peter Muirhead (WMU) - Prof. of Maritime Education & Training, Sweden

"The book provides the professional navigator with an excellent insight into the functionalities and characteristics of the electronic chart. From a technical point of view, the book should also prove itself to be a standard reference on the topic for students, teachers and researchers alike. ECDIS demonstration software further enhances the attractiveness of this very welcome publication in the field of navigation."

Respected Pioneers

Michael J. Casey - Canadian Hydrographic Service, Canada

"The publication of this book marks a great step forward in the broad acceptance of electronic charting technology. The authors are among the most highly respected pioneers in this field."